Reasons Why You Need a Dyson Handheld Vacuum For Home Cleaning

The emerging trend in home cleaning methods has led to the production of great cleaning machines. The Dyson handheld vacuum is a perfect example these machines.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum

The top 8 reasons why you should use this cleaning equipment include:

1. Highly Flexible Components

These handheld cleaners are designed with adjustable features that can be moved with ease and therefore make it easy to clean the remote parts of your home or office floors. These machines can be moved with ease to a preferable destination for cleaning purposes.

2. Lightweight Features

The Dyson handheld cleaners are crafted with light body parts that make it easily to move as you clean your carpet in a relaxing rhythm. This significantly reduces the effort required to move the machine as you clean. You can easily take it back and forth as you do your home cleaning chores.

3. Additional Storage Canisters

This handheld cleaner has a supplementary storage canister that is connected with adjustable straps to ease their performance. The canisters are removable for refilling purposes and can also serve as storage units for infiltrated dust particles.

4. Vertical Adjustable Systems

These vacuum cleaners are fixed with an upright bendable system that provides the much needed flexibility. This means that you can do your cleaning without stooping down to adjust the height as you move down a low ceiling. You can adjust the height to fit your need as you clean your floor.

5. Supple Suction Tubes

These tubes will allow you to clean filter out dust particles on staircases and other parts of the house that are difficult to reach. These include the wall edges and areas under the bed and home chairs. The tubes are connected to a disposable extra canister.

6. HEPA Filtration System

The handheld vacuum cleaners are also fixed with the highly rated HEPA Filtration system. This top system allows the carpet cleaner to remove 99.97 percent of dust particles that are bigger than 0.3 micrometer in size. This means that your carpet will be much softer and cleaner than the normal condition when you use this vacuum cleaner.

7. Availability

Dyson handheld cleaners are readily available for sale at major stores and online shopping sites. The prices are relatively low and are calculated to ensure that you get quality products that will last longer and therefore give you real value for your money. The Dyson brand is well known to bring out the best out of your cleaning chores.

8. Durability

Lightweight Dyson HandheldThese cleaning machines are well designed to perfection with the modern technological expertise that ensures that they remain viable for long time. The equipments are resilient to unfavorable environments and can withstand the hot summer days or the chilly winter season with ease. This means that you can do your cleaning for years without thinking of buying a replacement.

These tips will help you identify the best handheld vacuum cleaner in the market as you do your shopping. It is important to note that you can purchase these handheld vacuums at your favorite online stores at consumer-friendly prices.

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Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – Why Is It Popular Among Homeowners?

With hundreds of different vacuum cleaner models available in the market, sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect machine for daily use. Homeowners usually look for a vacuum that can meet domestic requirements. Finding a canister vacuum that cleans various surfaces and be worth the money can be quite challenging.

If you’re looking for a reliable, durable and efficient vacuum cleaner then look no further. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite is the best solution to all your problems! This powerful and convenient machine is easily maneuverable, affordable and produces less noise than other standard cleaners. It’s one of the most popular models available on online stores.

Historical Background

Eureka Mighty Mite made its winning debut in 1982. Initially, Time magazine ranked it in the list of top 10 budget vacuum cleaners. The gadget was developed on an attractive blueprint. Hence, a lot of customers bagged this model as fast as the manufacturers could make them. Thirty two years later, the machine is a survivor!

After experiencing minor cosmetic updates and makeovers, this incredible widget boasts the same straight suction and bagged design that captivated its shoppers in past.


Although this model is fairly basic yet, it has all the necessary tools that are required for household cleaning. The lengthy, detachable hose is long enough to go around the corners and reaches the ceiling effortlessly. You can attach it at the back of the machine and use it as a blower for dusting your carpets.

Despite being a canister vacuum, the 3670G is extremely lightweight, compact and easily portable. You can use it for picking up solid garbage on floor, fine pet hair, poop and litter. It’s used on a variety of surfaces ranging from hard floors to wood flooring, rugs, tricky corners and narrow crevices.

Those of you who’re looking for a reasonably priced vacuum that comes with best features and great deals must go for it.

Quick Features

  • It comes with a powerful 12amp motor that cleans your floors and furniture in no time. Coupled with the on-board tool, the machine readily sucks up minute particles that are difficult to reach.
  • The widget features 2-settings and height adjustments for cleaning area rugs and bare floors. It’s designed to operate as a hardwood floor vacuum capable of cleaning both wood flooring as well as laminate.
  • The device includes a 6-piece attachment set (like crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, bare floor/carpet nozzle) with onboard tool storage, double extension wands and a 7 feet long crush-proof hose. These accessories speed up your everyday tasks.
  • The bagged canister consists of triple filtration bag for capturing dust and dirt.
  • Availability of a long power cord (20 feet) allows you to reach faraway places.

What’s Hot?

Features that make it a best seller—

  • It’s easy to store and handle. You can use it for cleaning house, vehicles and little objects.
  • It delivers great performance. With a 10-inch cleaning path, it swiftly cleans all types of surfaces.
  • The gadget comes with an auto-shutoff feature that automatically turns off your vacuum when the task is over. It prevents the motor from malfunctioning.
  • It costs below $100 and comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s Not?

Features that are disliked by most customers include—

  • Absence of automatic cord rewind system.
  • The model features vacuum bags that are hard to find.
  • It’s not meant for heavy-duty cleaning. You can’t use it in offices, warehouses or large settings.

Final Word

If you hate vacuuming your floor, you might experience a change in attitude with the addition of the Mighty Mite to your home. Most users and critics give it 4.2 stars out of 5. If you want some assurance before purchasing this model, you can read online reviews and customer ratings before finalizing your decision.

How to Choose a Good Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming hardwood floors is challenging for many homeowners because they can easily get damaged. It is for this reason that you should learn the following tips on, how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for hardwood.

It is important to select models that are padded because they do not cause scratches and other marks on the surface of your floor.


Good Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood FloorsThe weight of the device needs to be considered since cleaning large sections of your home can be tiring if you are using a heavy machine. A self-contained upright model is desirable for small floor plans since it is heavy.

If your home has large rooms, It is advisable to opt for the canister vacuums. These are light and can easily be used for cleaning confined spaces.

Suction Power

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, prioritize on one that has enough suction. If you’re leaning towards a handheld model with good suction strength, consider using a handheld Dyson vacuum.

You can find a list of the best, and most powerful vacuum cleaners for hardwood flooring at This is to effectively take away dust, pet dander and other particles from the floor. It is worth noting that, this is the most important factor you have to consider before making your choice.

Maintenance and Repair

It should not be an inconvenience every time you need to service it. The parts should be detachable to allow you to clean it properly. In case of faults, you should easily find a competent technician and replacement parts to repair it.

Your Health

The disposal method of the collected particles has to be safe for you. There are several health risks that you can be exposed to when emptying a bin of dirt. This is when you inhale tiny particles from dust or animal hairs. Devices with a disposable bag are preferable over those with bags that are built in to avoid respiratory complications.


The ideal vacuum cleaner does not necessarily have to be very expensive. The purchase should be done in a way that you get value for your money at the end. In order to get great bargains, you can opt for the following:

You can get affordable vacuum cleaners by applying for coupon codes and online coupon codes where you can take advantage of numerous offers from reputable retailers. Look for clearance sales and promotional offers because you can save a lot due to the fact that, many stores don’t source their products from middlemen but, directly from manufacturers. Online purchases of the machine are affordable since online stores incur low overheads when compared to their brick and mortar counterparts.


Programmable Robot Vacuum CleanerInnovation has resulted to the introduction of vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to clean the floor while you relax or carry out other household tasks.

A good machine should also have additional capabilities that can be used for other cleaning tasks.

Manufacturer Warranty

A vacuum cleaner is an important investment. It is imperative that you ask about the warranty terms before the purchase to avoid incurring costs related to repair or replacement if the device is defective or gets damaged during the warranty period.

Tips for Laying Wood Floor on Concrete

Wooden floors give a rustic and appealing manifestation to the room. It requires skill to install wooden floor correctly. A faulty installation could end up in damaged floor and filthy appearance. It can be a bit difficult to have wood floors placed on top of concrete and that is why a professional approach is often recommended. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Always use good quality material for great results.
  • Take accurate measurements.
  • Buy prepackaged floors to make the task simple.
  • Keep the wooden floor in the home for some time to adjust with the surroundings. Remember, it is an important point!
  • Make the concrete floor clean and smooth. Level it properly by filling the low spots and grinding off the high ones. Sand it for great finish.

Laying Wood on Smooth Concrete Floor

Tools required

  • Timber board
  • Drills, saw, hammers, nails and fitting tool
  • Adhesive tape
  • Vapor barrier
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Edge blocks and space blocks

Steps to lay the floor

  1. Preparing the boards: As a general rule, always lay boards in the direction of the longest straight wall. If you have a square room, then follow the direction of light for maximum brightness in the room. Let the boards remain there for one or two days to get acquainted with the surroundings. Remove any inwards-opening doors to make the task simple. Remove the old skirting boards, if you have any. You will have to put new ones after completing the flooring.
  2. Install the vapor barrier: Vapor barriers or vapor retarders prevent the moisture reaching to the wooden floor. Asphalt and Polyethylene are the best material. Cover the concrete slab evenly with a layer of cut-back cold mastic and let it remain undisturbed for a few hours. Apply a second coat to make the surface even. If you are using polyethylene, then it is better to use 4 or 6 mm film and extend it under the board on all sides. Overlap it properly to cover entire area. For humid areas, it is suggested coating primer on the wooden boards before installing. Put adhesive tapes on the joints and edges to make them air-tight.
  3. Lay the floor: Put the plastic spacer along the walls to allow expansion due to changes in humidity. Make sure that the spacer is removed after the installation. Start from the corner and lay the first row. The end of the boards are usually tongued and grooved. Fix them according to the instruction manual. You have to either nail them or glue them. Complete entire row by cutting the last board. Lay the second row by fixing all sides. Put pressure towards the walls where you have put plastic spacer. Make sure that each joint is tightened properly. Laying the last row is the trickiest task. Measure the gap between the edge of adjacent board and the wall. Cut the boards of 10 mm less width. Fit the boards and fit them along the length. Use fitting tools wherever required.

Enjoy the grace and beauty of a wooden floor even if you have built the home on concrete slab. Follow the above-mentioned tips make the floor classy and chic! Don’t forget to check out: Best Vacuum For Wood Floors – Topsinnj Reviews

How To Clean Carpet Car Mats

The kids brought their dirty shoes in the car. You accidentally spilled your coffee on your way to work. Your lunch opened up when you slammed on your breaks at the unexpected stop sign.

carpet-car-matsThere are myriads of situations that could dirty up your car floor mats, even if only through extended use. The fact of the matter is that your car floor mats are designed to get dirty, as their purpose is to prevent the actual floor of the vehicle from getting dirty.

There are probably days and weeks when you practically live in your car.

For that reason, you no doubt would like it to be clean. It is not too big of a job to clean the mats, but you could destroy them if you don’t do it properly.

It is best to avoid washing them in the washing machine. Though the mats are designed for tough contact and abuse, they are not designed for prolonged soaking and abrasion.

Following the next few steps will allow you to clean your carpet car mats in a way that avoids damage.

  1. Step One: Vacuum the mats to remove all surface material. This makes the next steps much easier and certainly takes some of the harder, more vigorous work away.
  2. Step Two: Fill a plastic tub with warm water and fabric cleaner. Be careful that you choose a cleaner without detergents, as this will only attract more dirt and grime to your mats. Within just a few weeks your mats would be filthy again depending on how much you use the car.
  3. Step Three: Place the mats in the water mixture and let them become completely saturated with it. Be careful to not let them soak too long.
  4. Step Four: Take them out of the bin and scrub the entire mats vigorously with a soft bristled brush or mop. This lifts all the remaining dirt and grime that was not taken away during the first step.
  5. Step Five: Rinse the mats with clean water. If using a bucket, refill it after this step.
  6. Step Six: If you have any intense stains that are not lifting, treat them with an appropriate stain remover treatment.
  7. Step Seven: Rinse the mats again with clean water once the stain remover treatments are done with their jobs.
  8. Step Eight: Wipe the mats down with a dry terry cloth towel, and let the them air dry. You can also use a wet dry vac on them to remove all the excess moisture, or if the weather conditions are not favorable for air drying.


Remember to place the mats back in the car only once they are completely dry. If you put them in before this, you will risk mildew growth. You can always complete the clean with a fabric protector, but this is an optional step.

If you have lots of pet hair that you would like to get rid of and have only a short period of time, you can simply brush over the carpets with a rubber pet brush. The hairs will attract and attach themselves to the brush and you will be done within just a few minutes.

Following these steps will result in clean carpet car mats while avoiding any possible damage.